Friday, November 17, 2017

10 Ways to Make a Quilt Back

Not sure why quilt backs have been on my mind lately, especially considering the fact that by the time I finish a quilt top, I really don't want to give the back much of a thought. And I'd say the larger the quilt, the more I struggle with a quilt back plan. I guess it just is what it is. But for what it's worth, I've gathered up some options.

1. Whether it's purchasing a wide-back for a large quilt, or discovering an unexpected find in the ole stash that works perfectly with the smaller quilt top I've created, a whole-cloth is quick and satisfying. The time I used a panel from Jeni Baker's Nordika turned out really fun, showing off the quilting like it did.

2. Matched-seam backing is one of the newer techniques I've tried, and I'll work on perfecting it. Of course, you need to have an extra long length of fabric, depending on the design and all, but totally worth it now and then.

3. Seriously, if I made a backing of stashed fat quarters for all my future quilts, I think I'd be set for life. Simple to sew together, and a great stash buster.

4. Using a design repeated from the quilt front is probably my favorite way to create a quilt back.

5. A close second is using just an element from the front design.

6. Something I've just done a couple of times, but with great effect is the use of border prints. I was so pleased how this turned out!

7. Of course, the combination of simple geometric elements is always a win-win.

8. Once I chose to super-size just one block from the 100 on the front.

9. And of course, sometimes an improvisational pieced back is just the trick. Oh yeah.

10. And lastly, it's great fun to back a quilt top with another quilt top. Won't do a bona fide two-sided quilt every time, but I loved doing it here. And for those of you who have stacks of quilt tops ready to quilt.... well why not?


So do you have a go-to quilt back? Or do you have one that you're extraordinarily pleased with? Do you take your time with it, or get it over with as fast as you can? Do tell!